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Ricardo and Michelle PB&G Pretty Boys & Girls Dance Productions is one of the top salsa dance companies in the Bay Area.

Started in 2001 by Ricardo Sanchez and Michelle Castro, the company has come to be recognized worldwide for their clean lines, precise footwork, and always sexy styling.

PB&G has performed around the world, including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, London, Greece, and Puerto Rico, and has won countless accolades, including a gold medal at the World Salsa Championships.

PB&G is the host of the world renown San Francisco International Salsa Congress, as well as the US Salsa Open Championships, one of the largest salsa competitions in the world.

PB&G also hosts their bi-weekly Hot Salsa Friday social, which has been voted the top salsa dancing social in the Bay Area,

The PB&G style has shaped salsa dancing in the Bay Area and around the world, and many of the top instructors in the Bay Area started with PB&G. With an amateur team, semi-pro team, and recent addition of a kids team, PB&G looks to continue to shape the next generation of dancers for years to come.